Digital Marketing for Healthcare Clinics: Digital Marketing Consultant

The purpose of every healthcare clinic is to improve the health and living conditions of the populace around it, while achieving increased benefits in the sector. However, digital marketing in the health sector, to a great extent, can be a good complement to the work done by health professionals, centers, clinics and hospitals.

In healthcare, digital marketing doesn’t just serve a specific area, but can be applied to dental clinics, aesthetic medicine, plastic surgery, assisted reproduction, ophthalmology, orthodontics, among others.

Benefits of digital marketing


Digital marketing in health care will develop a unique model that differentiates you from other clinics and professionals

Better Communication

With digital marketing, healthcare clinics can easily communicate with patients through emails, website updates, social media etc, keeping them notified about the happenings, improvements etc in the clinic

Attracts more patients.

With digital marketing health clinics can reach a larger international and local audience, thereby increasing their popularity and attracting more patients to them.

Better targeting of patients.

Digital marketing in health can be used as a technique, allowing health clinics to accurately target the class of patients / clients they want or which is more profitable to focus on.


With the growth of digital media, digital marketing consultants are increasingly becoming very relevant, and are present, not only in large companies but in SMEs that seek to create an Internet presence for themselves. Due to the fact that it is relatively new and is still an unknown area for most entrepreneurs, hiring a digital marketing consultant is necessary to guide the structuring and investment decisions in this area. Gradually, companies will become aware that digital marketing requires skilled professionals and a solid digital marketing strategy in order to witness real results

What is the role of a digital marketing consultant?

A Digital Marketing Consultant operates strategically, helping companies stipulate a set of online marketing guidelines, which are sometimes offline, to ensure exposure of the brand in digital media.

It is the function of the digital marketing consultant to analyze the purpose and status of the company for them to be able to structure a digital marketing plan, which includes a strategy for the business and details of actions to be implemented in various areas of digital marketing in order to achieve objectives determined in the strategic planning stage.

Planning encompasses things like:

  • Objectives of the brand’s online presence
  • Immediate needs based on the market situation
  • Identification of key competitors with a good online presence
  • Definition of channels and media to be used in online campaigns
  • Definition of systems, metrics and KPIs to be monitored.

A digital marketing consultant can serve as a support service to healthcare clinics and their managers, helping them understand and define what the best alternatives are in the online advertising market and the implications of it’s adoption.

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